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Cookie Butt PWNS

.x. Name: Ashley
.x. Nickname(s):  Ash, Asher
.x. How did you get that/those nickname/s: 4th Grade, Mr. Sayiad
.x. Birthday & Age: 3/16/90. 14.
.x. Gender: Female.
.x. Sexual Orientation: Don't know. 
.x. Single or Taken: Taken.
.x. Race: White

.x. Color(s): Black.
.x. AIM/AOL Smiley face(s):  Hm..the :-/ one.
.x. Musical Artist(s): Hm...
.x. Song(s): right now? Fall Out Boy- Pros and Cons of Breathing
.x. TV Channel(s): 46, 47, 55, 59, 142, 139.
.x. Season(s): Spring.
.x. Vulgar word(s): Hoebag.
.x. Movie(s): Pirates of the Caribbean
.x. Book(s): Perks of Being a Wallflower.
.x. School subject(s): Science, Math

Musical Fun
Set your music-playing program on RANDOM. List the songs that are played- in the order that they're played- AND DON'T CHEAT! It takes the fun out of things.
1.  I
2.  Don't
3. Have
4. Any 
5. MusiconmyNEWcomputer....yet.

.x. Gay Marriages: For 'em
.x. Death Penalty: For it.
.x. Racism: Not for it.
The Justice System enforces the death penalty on murders, so should rapists be raped?: Yes, lol.

Nikki's Question
-One word- ANIME. Do you like it?: Yes.
-Pokemon, Magic, Yugi-Oh! cards. Do/have you play/ed them?: Pokemon, and yes i have.
-Uber, Pwn/z, Squee, Nree, Snark. Any of those words fall into your daily vocabulary?: Not daily, but I have used Uber
-Have you ever literally said any internet slang-term (in REAL LIFE, not via internet)?: Yes, I said BRB while playing Pictionary today.
-Strangers With Candy, Drawn Together, Comedy Central Presents, Dave Chapelle Show, South Park. How many of those shows do you enjoy watching?: CCP, DCS, SP.
Cayla's Questions
-Do you LOVE
Foamy?:  He's cute
-If you were locked in an elevator with only a piece of gum and a broken cell phone, what would you do?: Stick the gum on my cell phone and call someone.
-Have you ever cried because of the death of a fictional character? Were other people there?: Yes, and no.
-What's your favorite mode of transportation? Why?: Rollercoaster
-Winter is.. :..cold
Ashley's Questions
-Which appeals more- Kyo, Davey or Bert, why?: OMG....Um...AHHH *RUNS IN CIRCLES* Bert..only because I was 3 feet away from him.
-Do you LOVE Starbucks Coffee?:  YES
-Is my doggy cute?:  Very
-Gamecube or Gameboy Advanced?:  Cube
-Internet Addict?: Yes

Promote us in TWO places and provide a link: I will in...some communities I am in.
Make the mods laugh: Penis.
Honestly, do you have a pet rock (in real life)?: OMG I DID. Amber N made it for me, she drew a diaper on it
Why do you think you should be accepted here?: Because I'm a loser...and already a mod
Poke a mod. That's right. Don't be scared. Poke one!: [pokes Nikki in stomach]

Pet Rock (***optional***)
So, you want a pet rock?: Yes.
What are you going to name it?:  Snigglekums.

PICTURES ( 2 - 5 pictures )
Links or actual pictures are A-OK. I dont have any but I'll get some!
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