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[MOD] Cookie Butt PWNS

.x. Name: Naquira
.x. Nickname(s): Nikki, Zoogy, Uni.
.x. How did you get that/those nickname/s: My mom actually gave me the nickname 'Nikki' since my real name is too hard to pronounce for people. Zoogy is a nickname I got from George because I mispronounced this guy's name on her binder and it was nothing close to 'Zoogy'. 'Uni' is the nickname I got from Patricia because she couldn't remember my name.. so I decided to keep it since I like UNIcorns and because I'm UNIque. Right.
.x. Birthday & Age: December 31st is my birthday, and I am currently 14 years of age.
.x. Gender: Female
.x. Sexual Orientation: Straight
.x. Single or Taken: Single
.x. Race: Black/Hispanic

.x. Color(s): Purple
.x. AIM/AOL Smiley face(s): :-D
.x. Musical Artist(s): Dir en grey, Taking Back Sunday, Marilyn Manson, Pierrot, Malice Mizer, Schwarz Stein, The Used, Kagerou, Plastic Tree, Nightwish, Tristania, Thy Majestie, H.I.M
.x. Song(s): Of all time.. The Final by Dir en grey
.x. TV Channel(s): Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Nickolodean (sp?), MTV
.x. Season(s): Summer
.x. Vulgar word(s): Fuck ^_~
.x. Movie(s): Kung Pow; Dude, Where's My Car?; Without a Paddle; Napolean Dynamite; Lord of the Rings; The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
.x. Book(s): Being Dead; The Chosen One; The Diving Bell; Tuck Everlasting
.x. School subject(s): Drama, Geometry

Musical Fun
Set your music-playing program on RANDOM. List the songs that are played- in the order that they're played- AND DON'T CHEAT! It takes the fun out of things.
1. Nightwish - The Kinslayer
2. Plastic Tree - Itai Ao
3. Bowling for Soup - 1985
4. My Chemical Romance - I'm Not OK (I Promise)
5. Taking Back Sunday - Ghost Man on Third

.x. Gay Marriages: I support gay marriages entirely, and if not marriages, then at least civil unions. Religion and the goverment should not interfere with one another. Bush should not use the excuse that he wants to 'preserve the sanctity of marriage' because it is based on religion; rather hypocritical when you realise that he supports the death penalty.
Thou shall't not kill o.o Or whatever it says.
.x. Death Penalty: I don't support that death penalty, whether it's being used for morality or not, especially with a 'religious' president in office. If you're going to ban gay marriages because God doesn't like it and because it's "not right" then ban the death penalty because last I heard, God doesn't like it when others kill others.
.x. Racism: Isn't there enough hatred in the world as it is? Why burden yourself with another personal issue- one that's controlable whether you think so or not. It's even worse if you enjoy the pleasures that other races have provided..
The Justice System enforces the death penalty on murderers, so should rapists be raped?: Sure, why not.

Nikki's Question
-One word- ANIME. Do you like it?: I love it.
-Pokemon, Magic, Yugi-Oh! cards. Do/have you play/ed them?: Pokemon, yes. The other two, no. No one wants to teach me how ;.;
-Uber, Pwn/z, Squee, Nree, Snark. Any of those words fall into your daily vocabulary?: Uber, squee, nree, and snark.
-Have you ever literally said any internet slang-term (in REAL LIFE, not via internet)?: Yes XD
-Strangers With Candy, Drawn Together, Comedy Central Presents, Dave Chapelle Show, South Park. How many of those shows do you enjoy watching?: All of them.
Cayla's Questions
-Do you LOVE Foamy?: Yes, I worship him and all of his holyness.
-If you were locked in an elevator with only a piece of gum and a broken cell phone, what would you do?: The gum would be my food supply until someone found me.
-Have you ever cried because of the death of a fictional character? Were other people there?: Yes and yes. I cried when Shadow the Hedgehog died. Mou.. ;.; my whole family was there so they saw me crying.
-What's your favorite mode of transportation? Why?: Magic carpet A car because that way I know who's driving and can easily take over if something were to happen :3
-Winter is.. : pretty if you live in the right place.
Ashley's Questions
-Which appeals more- Kyo, Davey or Bert, why?: Bert because it reminds me of Sesame street Kyo because he's the lead singer of Dir en grey :3
-Do you LOVE Starbucks Coffee?: I've never had Starbucks' coffee
-Is my doggy cute?: Yes
-Gamecube or Gameboy Advanced?: Gamecube
-Internet Addict?: Yes, ma'am.

Promote us in TWO places and provide a link: Mou.. ;.;
Make the mods laugh: *laughs*
Honestly, do you have a pet rock (in real life)?: I had a pet shell o.O
Why do you think you should be accepted here?: Because I am the visual creator! BWAHAHA.. ha.
Poke a mod. That's right. Don't be scared. Poke one!: *pokes them all*

Pet Rock (***optional***)
So, you want a pet rock?:
What are you going to name it?:

Cookie Butt[TM] belongs to all the mods.

PICTURES ( 2 - 5 pictures )
Links or actual pictures are A-OK.

Me=Mod :D Check the user info..
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