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Cookie Butt PWNS

.x. Name: Katrina
.x. Nickname(s): Kat, Trines
.x. How did you get that/those nickname/s: Kat has always stuck with me and my aunt one day just called me Trines and since then I've had it.
.x. Birthday & Age: March, 17th 1990. That makes me 14
.x. Gender: Female
.x. Sexual Orientation: Straight
.x. Single or Taken: Single
.x. Race: White

.x. Color(s): Silver
.x. AIM/AOL Smiley face(s): 8-)
.x. Musical Artist(s): Something Corporate, OK Go, The Juliana Theory, Rufio, Bayside, Mae, etc
.x. Song(s): At the moment...Cemetery Drive by MCR. Saints and Sailors by Dashboard. You're so damn hot by OK Go
.x. TV Channel(s): I really don't watch much tv but I guess the travel channel lol. Whatever is on there never seems to bore me.
.x. Season(s): Spring
.x. Vulgar word(s): fuck, cocksucker..aha i don't know. I use all different kinds of vular words.
.x. Movie(s): Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, White Oleander, Some Like It Hot, Cruel Intentions
.x. Book(s): Summer Sistser, The Breakable Vow, Summer Boys, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
.x. School subject(s): English I guess. Or maybe Fam. Consumer Science because we really don't do anything in that class.

Musical Fun
Set your music-playing program on RANDOM. List the songs that are played- in the order that they're played- AND DON'T CHEAT! It takes the fun out of things.
1. White Houses- Vanessa Carlton
2. For Me This is Heaven- Jimmy Eat World
3. Konstantine- SoCo
4. Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve
5. Everybody Hurts- R.E.M.

.x. Gay Marriages: All for it. Bush is an idiot. We have 'freedom' in America. They are regular people just like everyone else.
.x. Death Penalty: I've always been iffy on this. But slowly but surely I'm thinking that it's not right just because..your killing someone for killing someone. That doesn't really make sense to me.
.x. Racism: Bullshit.
The Justice System enforces the death penalty on murders, so should rapists be raped?:
haha no..I don't think so. That would be a tad bit weird.

Nikki's Question
-One word- ANIME. Do you like it?: Nope
-Pokemon, Magic, Yugi-Oh! cards. Do/have you play/ed them?: Nope
-Uber, Pwn/z, Squee, Nree, Snark. Any of those words fall into your daily vocabulary?: Not quite
-Have you ever literally said any internet slang-term (in REAL LIFE, not via internet)?: Yup..it hs slipped out on occasions
-Strangers With Candy, Drawn Together, Comedy Central Presents, Dave Chapelle Show, South Park. How many of those shows do you enjoy watching?: I'll enjoy them if there is really nothing else on. But besides that no not really.
Cayla's Questions
-Do you LOVE Foamy?: No
-If you were locked in an elevator with only a piece of gum and a broken cell phone, what would you do?: haha umm..sleep? I'd sleep. And chew the gum.
-Have you ever cried because of the death of a fictional character? Were other people there?: Yes I have. I don't think people were around.
-What's your favorite mode of transportation? Why?: Plane. I love flying.
-Winter is.. : Too fucking cold
Ashley's Questions
-Which appeals more- Kyo, Davey or Bert, why?: Bert because I'm sure we could do some major partying.
-Do you LOVE Starbucks Coffee?: Love it.
-Is my doggy cute?: Sure why not
-Gamecube or Gameboy Advanced?: None. I'm not a gamer.
-Internet Addict?: Yeah

Promote us in TWO places and provide a link: http://www.livejournal.com/community/emo_girls/
Make the mods laugh:
Honestly, do you have a pet rock (in real life)?: I did!!! When I was in maybe 3rd grade. But it probably only lasted for a day.
Why do you think you should be accepted here?: I'm a loser at heart and I think that this community would be fun to be apart of.
Poke a mod. That's right. Don't be scared. Poke one!: I'll poke...Cayla!

Pet Rock (***optional***)
So, you want a pet rock?: Yes!
What are you going to name it?: Bucumschnuff

PICTURES ( 2 - 5 pictures )
Links or actual pictures are A-OK.

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