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The Basics
o. Name:Heather
o. Birthday & Age: may,2 Im 16
o. Sex: female
o. Sexual Preference: straight
o. Location: Cape Coral, Florida
o. If you had to choose, which would you consider yourself? A.. Loser, geek, nerd, gamer, freak, dweeb, outcast, or Other (define): other... Honestly I couldn't classify myself as anything, I wear what I want...

The Favorites
o. Color(s):Green, Black, Blue
o. AIM/AOL Smiley face: O.o
o. Musical artist(s):
Life Of Agony,Queen,Wednesday 13, Styx,Murderdolls,David Bowie,Rufio, Count the Stars, The Format, HIM, Rob Zombie...
o. Song(s): Currently...Love To Let You Down- Life Of Agony... Bad Things- Wednesday 13
o. TV Channel(s): I only have four
o. TV Show(s): the seventies show, Friends, House, CSI
o. Season: Winter...
o. Vulgar word(s): Fuck, Fucktard
o. Movie(s): The labyrinth, Titanic, Cast Away, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Red Dragon
o. Book(s): Lindbergh (bio), Foucault's Pendulum, The Brethren, Singing to the Dead, Lucky
o. School subject(s): Math

Musical Fun
Set your music-playing program on RANDOM. List the songs that are played- in the order that they're played- AND DON'T CHEAT! It takes the fun out of things.
1.Lord Of The Storm- 3 Inches of Blood
2.Have A Drink on Me- ACDC
3.Close To Me- The Cure
4.Far Behind- Candlebox
5.Stem- Crossbreed

o. Gay Marriages:Love is love no matter what the sex, race etc...
o. Death Penalty: Take a life for a taking a life... Hmm.. Good population control. It couldn't go either way I am undecided... Why take another life when we just lost one? Or an eye for and eye an arm for an arm...
o. Racism: one word that can describe them... Fucktards.
o. Actors that decide to sing:lol... I laugh at thee
o. American Idol: I am not amused by that but if you like it I can respect that.
o. The Justice System enforces the death penalty on murderers, so should rapist be raped?: Yes!

Random Questions
o. Have you seen the Spongebob movie? Do you plan on it?:Yes,
o. Do you collect things? Have you collected things? What?: Dog Collars (yes I wear them) Oh mice and rats tend to be plenty at my house just not at the moment I only have two (tear, they died)
o. What or Who are your obsessions?: coins...

Impress or Depress the Mods
o. Do you like anime?: I can tolerate it but I'm not in love with it
o. Pokemon, Magic, Yugi-Oh! cards. Do/have you play/ed them?: I used to get jealous bc my brother wouldn't let me play magic with him when I was lil
o. Uber, Pwn/z, Squee, Nree, Snark. Do any of those words fall into your daily [internet] vocabulary?:
o. Have you ever literally said an internet slang-term (in REAL LIFE): oui...
o. Can you name one show that you enjoy on Comedy Central?:
- I don't care who you are that's funny! There's your sign...
o. Do you LOVE Foamy in any way?: <3
o. If you were locked in an elevator with only a piece of gum and a broken cell phone, what would you do?: I would chew gun while taking apart the cell phone and playing with the pieces...
o. Have you ever cried because of the death of a fictional character? Were other people there?: not that I can recall
o. What's your favorite mode of transportation? Why?: Airplane..."I can fly!"
o. Winter is.. : Intimidatingly gorgous...
o. Which appeals more- Kyo, Davey, or Bert? Why?: Kyo...
o. Do you LOVE Starbucks Coffee?: Santa's White Christmas!
o. Is my doggy cute?: he's gorgeous dawlin'
o. Gamecube or Gameboy Advance?: cube! They are squarer
o. Internet Addict? If yes, then how so?:lol... I can't remember the last time my computer has been offline... *ponders*

Promote us in TWO places and provide the links (on Livejournal):
Make the mods laugh:
Honestly, do you have a pet rock (in real life)? Have you ever had one?: Oh yes here is Oscar!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Why do you think you should be accepted here?: I have no life and this community seems muy fun!
Poke a mod. That's right. Don't be scared. Poke one!:Nikki... You've been poked! *gasp* *runs away scared*

Pet Rock (oo-optional-oo)
So, you want a pet rock?: I could use a friend for Oscar...
What are you going to name it?: Chili!

Pictures ( 2 - 5 pictures )

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My Bitch!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Links or actual pictures are A-OK!
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