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Application [Version 1.2]
The Basics
o. Name: MJ (Who is comandeering Spike's account...sorry Spike)
o. Birthday & Age: 16 (July 7)
o. Sex: Female (Spike is a guy.)
o. Sexual Preference: Straight. (Spike is coughing. Please ignore him. He likes boys too.)
o. Location:
o. If you had to choose, which would you consider yourself? A.. Loser, geek, nerd, gamer, freak, dweeb, outcast, or Other (define):  Ohh, Owch. Nerd? Other, probably. I'm slowly growing out of nerdom. -tears-
The Favorites
o. Color(s): Royal Blue
o. AIM/AOL Smiley face:  :-P (-sigh- Gotta love the clasics)
o. Musical artist(s):  Panic! At the Disco....Dashboard Confessional...Ah, it changes.
o. Song(s): Story of A Girl (oh, so old songgie)
o. TV Channel(s): CNN! Rock the News!
o. TV Show(s): Spike says I have to put Flava of love. Its my guilty pleasure...but dont tell. Greys Anatomy, House, and Numbers....Im addicted to those.
o. Season: Winter
o. Vulgar word(s): Hahahaha...Gotta love the F-bomb. Depends on how vulgar you think Love is, though.
o. Movie(s): PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Yes, I am mildly obsessive. Moulin Rouge is in CLOSE second.
o. Book(s):  Please dont make me choose one....The Fountainhead, By Ayn Rand, if I had to choose now.
o. School subject(s):
Musical Fun
Set your music-playing program on RANDOM. List the songs that are played- in the order that they're played- AND DON'T CHEAT! It takes the fun out of things.
1. Empty Apartments- Yellowcard
2. Blink 182- Whats My Age Again?
3. Unwell-Matchbox 20
4.  Get Back- The Beatles
5. Swing, Swing- All American Rejects
o. Gay Marriages: To each his or her own. Why should I stop them? Besides, Spike is gay.
o. Death Penalty: Stupid. "If you kill someone, I'll kill you back. Because killing is bad."
o. Racism: Even more stupid. Outdated hatred, pointless...people dont realize that they are "racist" about things other than race.....prejudice, I mean. It is so infuriating. Ohh. If I hadnt had three cups of coffee I would make more sense, swear.
o. Actors that decide to sing: Hahaha. If they are pretty enough, I'll just hi
o. American Idol: Another guilty pleasure. But it's getting worse every season. -sigh- I miss clay. And Pen Dude.
o. The Justice System enforces the death penalty on murderers, so should rapist be raped?: Rape is the ultimate crime, and my ultimate fear. But who would do that? I think you should lock them in a cell with the parents of whoever they raped. Mothers have claws. 
Random Questions
o. Have you seen the Spongebob movie? Do you plan on it?: No and No.
o. Do you collect things? Have you collected things? What?: Froggieeesss! Glass ones.
o. What or Who are your obsessions?: Phantom, Moulin Rouge, Writing, and recently....Sketching out of Vanity Fair magazines. And Cookie Dough Icecream
Impress or Depress the Mods
o. Do you like anime?:  I do, but unfortunately, am only a dabbler. I dont know much.
o. Pokemon, Magic, Yugi-Oh! cards. Do/have you play/ed them?:  AHHH I MISS POKEMON!
o. Uber, Pwn/z, Squee, Nree, Snark. Do any of those words fall into your daily [internet] vocabulary?:  Pwn/z, occasionally. Uber is my favorite (adjective?) ever. Everything is uber. My friends have given up convincing me its not a word.
o. Have you ever literally said an internet slang-term (in REAL LIFE): Lol. But everyone does that...right?
o. Can you name one show that you enjoy on Comedy Central?:  OH I FORGOT THAT! Daily Show and Colbert Report....love.
o. Do you LOVE Foamy in any way?:  Dont kill me...whazzit?
o. If you were locked in an elevator with only a piece of gum and a broken cell phone, what would you do?:  Chew the gum and say dirty words untill I found the emergency fone that HAS to be in every elevator?
o. Have you ever cried because of the death of a fictional character? Were other people there?:  Many, many times. Every HP death....Golden Compass Deaths....Another one that I can't remember just this second but went into a three month denial over to convince myself he didnt really die....And yes, everytime someone was there. If they weren't, I kept crying till they came.
o. What's your favorite mode of transportation? Why?: 
o. Winter is.. : elegant
o. Which appeals more- Kyo, Davey, or Bert? Why?: ????
o. Do you LOVE Starbucks Coffee?: -dies- Cannot live without it.
o. Is my doggy cute?:  Not as cute as your rock, but yes.
o. Gamecube or Gameboy Advance?:  Gamecube
o. Internet Addict? If yes, then how so?:  When I have time, I stalk Lj.....the rest of the time, I pout and wish I still had no life so I could RP.
Promote us in TWO places and provide the links (on Livejournal):  Will do, but haven't yet and I want to get this durn thing posted before my compy shuts off.
Make the mods laugh: Read the below question.
Honestly, do you have a pet rock (in real life)? Have you ever had one?:  I do....His name is spike, and this is auctually his livejournal. There are pictures, too! He's gay, though. Makes life interesting.
Why do you think you should be accepted here?:  Once again, read above.
Poke a mod. That's right. Don't be scared. Poke one!:  Can I poke you all???? I like poking. Spike doesnt, he says its antisocial.
Pet Rock (oo-optional-oo)
So, you want a pet rock?:  I want a boyfriend for Spike. He is so lonely.
What are you going to name it?:  Pierre?
Pictures ( 2 - 5 pictures )
Links or actual pictures are A-OK!
See my LJ! I'd rather leave them there, since there are so many!

Oh yay.
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